What is this campaign about?

This campaign is about:

  • Helping join up local authorities even more by offering them a portal to talk/learn and share with each other, particularly in specialist areas like Parking, Street Lighting, Highways and Transportation and Passenger Transport

  • Helping to bring out the solutions and good ideas from the industry itself including:

    • Contractors
    • Suppliers
    • Consultants
    • Governing and Advisory bodies (CIHT, ICE, ILP, BPA, TfL, DfT, Royal Academy of Engineering, ADEPT e.t.c)

  • INNOVATION - Through a number of initiatives that we are applying to this campaign we are introducing innovation in a number of ways:

    • Live Chat - the ability to talk to each other instantly (e.g. local authority to local authority specific departments)

    • Swap Shop - swap any resources / equipment / IT e.t.c. with each other to make better use of resources e.g. old parking meters being de-commissioned could be used by other authorities for spares, materials for cancelled projects could be offered up to others e.t.c.

    • Coalition Board - allows helpful people from all parts of the industry (including local authorities) to nominate themselves to the board. The purpose of this will be to offer you picture, name and your choice of contact details, and the area that you will be happy to help others with. We will add this to the Main Coalition Board page, and this will allow others to contact you for advice/guidance/solutions.

    • Your Space - allows staff members from our industry to have some downtime, and share with others their news, ideas, celebrate birthdays, achievements, seek new jobs e.t.c

    • Useful links - this is area specific and allows access to web links that can provide useful information (e.g. access to strategy documents, asset management plans, service plans, Performance and Change strategies e.t.c)

  • Please send us your links

Who is taking part

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